The BOSS is equipped with features that maximize safety for both the operator and the working environment.  BOSS mobile railcar movers’ independent pivoting rail gear, intelligent rail pressure control, heavy-duty rolling couplers & auxiliary rail pressure backup system provide increased over-the-rail stability in any working environment.

optimum rail stability

Each BOSS chassis is manufactured using only high strength steel plate. Weight was methodically distributed for a well balanced and highly stable machine. In fact, we pride ourselves on having the most stable railcar mover in the market.

Auxiliary rail pressure system

ARPS is a secondary system that activates automatically in the event of a hydraulic pump failure. This system is designed to provide high rail pressure until the operator can safely and effectively bring the machine and railcars to a stop.

BOSS Telematics

We recognize our customers need a machine they can count on. That’s why all BOSS railcar movers are equipped with on-board telematics that provides critical machine feedback. With our telematics, you and your operators will know what’s going on at all times.

Intelligent Rail Pressure Control

We recognize the need for a system that is dependable and quick to respond when traveling down rail. We pride ourselves in having a system that responds quickly when traversing through curves, switches, and frogs. Features such as hose burst detection are standard on all BOSS mobile railcar movers.

Independent Pivoting Rail Gear

BOSS spares no expense when it comes to staying on the rail. Each BOSS is equipped with a reliable and proven independent rail gear system which allows for maximum maneuverability in the tightest of curves. Each bogie uses tandem heavy-duty 12 inch AAR steel wheels and pivots with 3 axes of rotation.

Heavy-duty rolling couplers

BOSS is the only mobile railcar mover in the industry to use the standard AAR Type E coupler. Furthermore, we do not require weight transfer and offer a wide range of movement for the tightest degree of curvature. Our couplers can be positioned hydraulically and include an air-operated coupler release which makes coupling and decoupling from rail cars safe and simple.


At BOSS, we pride ourselves in giving our customers the most comfortable and safest operator experience. After years of training, engineering and operating mobile railcar movers, our team made operator requests a reality. We are strong believers that a happy operator is an alert and safe operator. That is why we offer standard features that promote a safe and comfortable working environment.


mirror and camera system

Centered Operator

Centered operator seat with
seat-mounted console.

Ergonomic console

Ergonomic console
with fingertip controls

Pressurized Cab

Pressurized cab with integrated HVAC
system tested to SAE standard

Trainer Seat

Dual-purpose trainer seat that can
serve as a workstation


Fully adjustable steering colum

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