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Customize Your Railcar Mover

When downtime is not an option, the team at BOSS Mobile Railcar Movers is here to keep your industry on-time and your people safe. BOSS railcar movers are designed to not only meet expectations but exceed them. Our engineers designed this machine to outpreform other railcar movers. We designed it for ease of operation. Most importantly, we designed it to bring a new level of SAFETY to the railcar moving industry. No matter your industry or application, when you choose BOSS, you can count on a superior railcar mover built on the principles of quality and reliability while keeping safety at the forefront.

Contact sales for an application review and to schedule a demo at your plant.

We are a passionate team with a rapidly growing support network ready to take care of your needs.

We understand the industry and we understand the importance of having a railcar mover you can count on. That’s why each BOSS railcar mover is built to the highest level of quality. At the end of the day, we are driven by quality, not quantity. Our number one priority is that each BOSS railcar mover leaving the factory is produced to the highest level of quality.

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